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Volume 4 - 1999

Paper available Applications of the Cylindrical Wedge Shear Test to the Study of Shear Strength of Undisturbed and Compacted Soils

    by Türker Mirata, et al.
    Professor, Middle East Technical University, 06531 Ankara, Turkey

Paper available Shear Strength of Gravel and Rockfill Measured in Triaxial and Prismatic Wedge Shear Tests

    by Hasan Tosun, et al.
    Assoc. Prof. of Civil Engineering, Osmangazi University, 26480 Eskisehir, Turkey

Paper available Groundshock Enhancement due to Reflections

    by Ioannis Sebos
    Safety Engineer, Hochtief AG, New Athens International Airport Construction Site, Sparta, Greece

Paper available Back Analysis for Prediction and Behavior of Laterally Loaded Single Piles in Sand

    by Byung-Tak Kim and Young-Su Kim
    Doctoral Cadidate, and Professor, resp., Department of Civil Engineering, KyungPook Nat. Univ., Daegu 702-701, Korea

Paper available Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Different Additives on the Expansion Behavior of Clays

    by T. López-Lara, J.A. Zepeda-Garrido, and V.M. Castaño
    Universidad Autonoma de Querétaro, Mexico

Paper available Artificial Intelligence Techniques for the
Design and Analysis of Deep Foundations

    by N. O. Nawari, R. Liang, and J. Nusairat
    University of Akron, Akron, OH, USA

Paper available Evaluation and Remediation of a Slope
Supporting Gasoline Tanks

    by S. Kumar and V. Puri
    Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Ill, USA

Paper available Effect of Fly Ash on Swell Pressure
of an Expansive Soil

    by Erdal Cokca
    Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Paper available Influence of Swelling Strain on Selected Engineering
Properties of Bringelly Shale at Southwest Region of Sydney, Australia

    by E. William and David Airey
    Department of Civil Engineering, University of Sydney, Australia

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