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Volume 7, Bundle A - 2002

Paper available Behavior of Interacting Parallel Strip Footings

    Mien Jao et al.

Paper available Shotcreting in Rock Excavation and its Adhesion Strength

    Dheeraj Kumar et al.

Paper available Performance of Mixed-Clay as Core Material of Earth Dams

    S. M. Mir M. Hosseini

Paper available Contact Stress and Settlement of Circular Footing Subjected to Symmetric Loading

    Igor Hrnčić

Paper available Graphs for the Design of Laterally Loaded Piles in Clay

    A. Alem and A. Benamar

Paper available Residual Shear Strength of Landslide Soils by Presheared Flush Testing for Stability Quantification

    Georges B. Kakou, Hideyoshi Shimizu, and Shinichi Nishimura

Paper available A Model for Coupled Moisture and Heat Flow in Unsaturated Soil

    S. Kim and Andrew G. Heydinger

Paper available Discrete Layer Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles

    C. Y. Lee

Paper available Evaluation of Tunneling-Induced Downdrag on End-Bearing Piles

    J. S. Yang, and M. C. Wang

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