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Volume 10, 2005 — Bundle G

Paper available! Effects of Ground Improvement on the Seismic Stability of Sheet Pile Quay Walls

    Mir M. Hosseini and A.Yoosefnia Pasha

Paper available! Strength Characteristics of Sand Reinforced with Coir Fibres and Coir Geotextiles

    G. V. Rao, Rakesh K. Dutta, and Ujwala D.

Paper available! A GIS-Based Landslide Hazard Framework for Road Repair and Maintenance

    Salah Sadek, Ramzi Ramadan, and Hani Naghi

Paper available! Predicted and Measured Response of Precast Concrete Piles under Lateral Load

    J. Kent Hsiao and Sanjeev Kumar

Paper available! Effect of Vertical Reinforcement on Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Sand Subgrades

    Vijay K. Puri, J. Kent Hsiao and James A. Chai

Paper available! The Effect of Freezing on the Strength of Silty-Clay-Sand Mixtures

    Costas A. Anagnostopoulos and Ioannis Grammatikopoulos

Paper available! Effect of Surface Cover on Water Infiltration Rate and Stability of Cut Slope in Residual Soils

    Bujang B.K. Huat, Faisal Hj. Ali, and S. Mariappan

Paper available! Engineering Implications of the Relation between Static and Pseudo-static Slope Stability Analysis

    Robert Shukha, Raphael Baker, and Dov Leshchinsky

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