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Volume 12, 2007 Bundle A

Paper available! Seismic Behavior of Gravel Drains and Compacted Sand Piles using Physical and Numerical Models

    Abouzar Sadrekarimi

Paper available! Analysis of Drilled, Cast In-Situ Single Piles in Axial Loading

    Joshua R. Omer

Paper available! Tunnel Design Using Continuum and Discontinuum Approaches and the Effect of Joint Orientation on the Design

    Massoud Palassi and Pooyan Asadollahi

Paper available! Geotechnical Behavior of Oil-Contaminated Fine-Grained Soils

    Ahmed Habib-ur-Rehman, Sahel N. Abduljauwad, and Tayyeb Akram

Paper available! Geotechnical Characteristics of Soft Lake Marl with Preload Test Results

    Mark R. Muszynski and Charles D. Brumbaugh

Paper available! Characterisation and Classification of the Physical Deterioration of Tropically Weathered Kenny Hill Rock for Civil Works

    Zainab Mohamed, Abd Ghani Rafek, and Ibrahim Komoo



Paper available! EJGE Special Issue: Geo-Engineering Data: Representation and Standardisation

    Papers by David Toll, Xiaojun Li, Hehua Zhu, Mark Styler, Mark Hoit, and Mike McVay

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