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Volume 13, 2008 — Bundle A

Paper available! Effect of Lime on Some Geotechnical Properties of Igumale Shale

    Joel Manasseh, and Agbede I. Olufemi

Paper available! On Interaction of a Clayey Soil with Textile Dye Waste

    K. Mallikarjuna Rao, V. Tirumala Rao, and G. Reddy Babu

Paper available! Study on Hollow Cylinder Torsional Shear of Dynamic Properties of Two Soils

    Ying Nie, Luan Maotian, and Xiao-wei Tang

Paper available! Characteristics, Problems and Remedies of Expansive Soils of Rajasthan, India

    N. K. Ameta, D. G. M. Purohit, and Abhay Shivaji Wayal

Paper available!Investigations on Uplift Behaviour of Plate Anchor in Reinforced Sand Bed

    P. T. Ravichandaran, K. Ilamparuthi, and Mohammed Toufeeq

Paper available! Effect of Bentonite on Permeability of Dune Sand

    N. K. Ameta and Abhay Shivaji Wayal

Paper available! A Study on the Mechanism of Internal Erosion Resistance to Soil Slope Instability

    Fauzilah Ismail, Zainab Mohamed and Mazidah Mukri

Paper available! Diagnosing and Controlling Moisture-Sensitive Roof in Coal Mines

    Greg Molinda and Ted Klemetti

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