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Volume 13, 2008 — Bundle L

Ready! Discussion on Two Simplified Swelling Pressure Models for Expansive Soils

    Jia Jing-chao, Yang Qing, Luan Mao-tian, and Li Qiang(*)
    (*)"Family name first" order

Ready! Study of Loading Rate Effects on Characteristics of Negative Skin Friction for Pile Groups

    Gang-Qiang Kong, Qing Yang, Mao-Tian Luan

Ready! A System Reliability Analysis Method for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation

    Kang Haigui, Li Yugang, Wu Fanghe, Guo Wei, and Huan Caiyun

Ready! Optimum Water Content and Maximum Dry Unit Weight of Clayey Gravels at Different Compactive Efforts

    Mehrab Jesmani, A. Nasiri Manesh and S. M. R. Hoseini

Ready! Saline Water Intrusion in Bhadrak and Balasore Districts of Orissa, India

    A. K. Bhattacharya, S. Basack and P. Maity

Ready! EJGE Status Report: 13 is a Lucky Number

    Mete Oner

Ready! Seismic Site Characterization in Delhi Region using Multi channel Analysis of Shear wave Velocity (MASW) Testing

    D. Neelima Satyam and K. S. Rao

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