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Volume 14, 2009 — Bundle A

Ready! Field Tests on Instrumented H-Piles Driven into Dense Sandy Deposits

    Kelvin F. Yu

Ready! Settlement Criteria for Steel Oil Storage Tanks

    Ali Akhavan-Zanjani

Ready! Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Footing Resting on Confined Loose Silty Sands

    Rajeev Gupta and Ashutosh Trivedi

Ready! Parametric Study for Piled Raft Foundations

    Meisam Rabiei

Ready! Time-dependent Behavior of Piled-raft on Soil foundation with Reference to Creep and Consolidation

    Chun-yi Cui, Mao-tian Luan, and Ying-hua Zhao

Ready! A Parametric Study Leading to Software Analysis Revealing an Equation for the Preliminary Design of Reinforced Earth Embankments

    Abrahams Mwasha

Ready! Surface Roughness Effects on the Bearing Capacity of Piles in Dry Sand

    J. Sadrekarimi, M. Behpour Gouhari, and A. Roohimehr

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