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Ready! The Effects of Basra Gulf Salt Water on the Proctor Compaction and CBR Test Results of Soil Samples at Baniyas City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Imad H. Alainachi, and Ghada A. Alobaidy

Ready! Prediction of Liquefaction Potential and Pore Water Pressure due to Earthquake

    Shun-qun Li, Shou-xi Chai, and Qing-xin Ren

Ready! Tests on Shear Strength Increment of Soft Soil under Embankment Fill

    Guanbao Ye and Yongfa Guo

Ready! Soil/Pile Set-up Effects on Driven Pile in Malaysian Soil

    W. K. Ng, M. R. Selamat, and K. K. Choong

Ready! Comparative Study on Frequency and Time Domain Analyses for Seismic Site Response

    Ciro Visone, Filippo Santucci de Magistris, and Emilio Bilotta

Ready! The Effect of Failure Criterion on Slope Stability Analysis

    Lahlou Haderbache and Nasser Laouami

Ready! Application of DSI Techniques to Monopile Foundations of Offshore Wind Turbines Reliability Problems

    Zhang Jing, Yugang Li, and Haigui Kang

Ready! Direct and Indirect Measurement of Soil Suction in the Laboratory

    Hu Pan, Yang Qing, and Li Pei-yong

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