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Ready! Soil-Water Characteristics Curves for Reddish Brown Tropical Soil

    Kolawole Juwonlo Osinubi and Afeez Adefemi Bello

Ready! Validity of Darcy’s Law in Laminar Regime

    Olusegun Olalekan Alabi

Ready! 23 Years Water Level Monitoring Through Earthfill Dam (Case Study)

    Hossein Moayedi, Bujang B. K. Huat, Fatemeh Moayedi, Thamer Ahmad Mohammad Ali, and Arash Ansari Moghaddam

Ready! Fluid Flow in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Porous Media

    Olusegun Olalekan Alabi

Ready! Attenuative Capacity of Compacted Abandoned Dumpsite Soils

    Afeez Adefemi Bello, Kolawole Juwonlo Osinubi

Ready! Stability Assessment Model for Epimetamorphic Rock Slopes based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

    Changfu Chen, Zhiyu Xiao, and Genbao Zhang

Ready! A Study on the Liquefaction Resistance and Dynamic Properties of De-Saturated Sand

    Raghunandan M.E. and Ashish Juneja

Ready! Prediction and Measurement of Settlement of a Piled Raft Foundation over Thick Soft Ground

    Zehai Cheng

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