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Ready! Deterministic Rainfall Induced Landslide Approaches, Advantages and Limitations

    Mehrdad Safaei, Husaini Omar, Bujang K Huat, Zenoddin B M Yousof, and Vahed Ghiasi

Ready! Experimental Studies of Strip Footing on Model Wrap-Around Reinforced Soil Walls

    Anubhav and P. K. Basudhar

Ready! Effect of Organic Content on Geotechnical Properties of Kuttanad Clay

    Sudheesh Thiyyakkandi and Shima Annex

Ready! A Review of Theoretical and Experimental Methods to Measure Coefficient of Permeability of Unsaturated Soils

    Farzad Daliri

Ready! Assessment of Shear Strength at Consistency Limits - A Reappraisal

    Kamil Kayabali

Ready! Research on Improving Steam Stimulation Development Effect with Nitrogen Foam by Numerical Simulation

    Feng Guangtong, Jia Jiang-hong, and Li Jingmei

Ready! Deformation Characteristics of MSW Materials

    Mehran Karimpour-Fard and Sandro Lemos Machado

Ready! Study on Failure Mechanism of Bucket Foundation Subjected to Monotonic Loading

    Ke Wu, Mingyue Ma, Qinglai Fan and Dongxue Hao

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