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Ready! Experimental Studies of Strip Footing on Model Wrap-Around Reinforced Soil Walls

    Anubhav and P. K. Basudhar

Ready! A Numerical Study of Bearing Capacity Coefficients of Soil Beneath Foundation under Earthquake Load

    Pezhman Fazeli and Soheil Ghareh

Ready! Improving the Bearing Capacity of Laterite by Adding Sand

    Madjadoumbaye, Jérémie et al.

Ready! Laboratory Study and Analysis on the Effect of Internal Water Pressure on the Karstic Rocks Stress Conditions

    Omid Azadegan and G.R Pourebrahim

Ready! Laboratory Study on the Swelling, Cracking and Mechanical Characteristics of the Palm Fiber Reinforced Clay

    Omid Azadegan, M.J. Yaghoubi, and Shahid Bahonar

Ready! Effect of Polypropylene Fiber on Physical and Hydromechanical Behaviour of Expansive Soils

    Mona Malekzadeh and Huriye Bilsel

Ready! Numerical Analysis on Ultimate Pullout Bearing Capacity of Drag Embedment Anchor Based on Elastic-plastic FEM

    Dongsheng Qiao and Jinping Ou

Ready! Relationship between Litology Factor and occurrence landslide based on information value (IV) and Frequency ratio (FR) approaches (case study in North of Iran)

    Mehrdad Safaei, Husaini Omar, Bujang K Huat, and Zenoddin B M Yousof

Ready! Assessment on Abrasiveness of Rock Material on the Wear and Tear of Drilling Tool

    Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Rosli Saad, Nor Nazrin Binti Hamzah, Siti Norsalkini Mohd. Akip Tan, and Maybelle Liang

Ready! Effects of Accidental Explosions on Low Stiffness Pipes Buried in Undrained Clay

    Akinola Johnson Olarewaju

Ready! Response Study of Underground Pipes Due to Varying Impact of Surface Accidental Explosions

    Akinola Johnson Olarewaju

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