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Ready!Numerical Simulation of CO2 Flooding Coal Bed Methane Considered Mixture Shrinkage Effect

    Liu JianJun and Li Guang*

Ready!Stabilizing Piles of Soft Cohesive Slopes: A Case History

    Tarek N. Salem*, Mohsen Mashhour, Rana Hassan

Ready!Kinetic Mechanisms and Migration Modeling of Landfill Gas

    Pei Guihong, Geng Yuguang, and Chen Deqiang

Ready!An Analytical Solution Procedure for Dynamic Analysis of Soil-Structure Systems Subjected to Periodic Loading

    Asrat Worku

Ready!Experimental Study on the Influence of Confining Pressure on Non-Darcy Flow Permeability in Post-failure Rocks

    Hui Xu*, Yucheng Zhao, Wankui Bu

Ready!Consolidation Characteristics of Fiber Reinforced Cohesive Soil

    Rabindra Kumar Kar*, Pradip Kumar Pradhan, and Ashutosh Naik

Ready!Nonlinear Analyses for the Permeability Coefficient of Frozen Soil

    Jianjun Liu and Jun Xie*

Ready!Stiffness Degradation of Soft Marine Clay under Uniaxial Cyclic Loading

    MinMin Jiang* and ZhengYin Cai

Ready!The Properties of Blasting Loading Transmitted in the Soil and Rocks Investigated by Numerical Simulation

    Jiang Guoping* and Chen Shengming

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Drainage Process for Sand Cushion in Saturated Asphalt Pavement

    Yue Jiannan* and Liu Jianjun

Ready!Stabilization of Expansive Soil Using Waste Ceramic Dust

    Akshaya Kumar Sabat

* Corresponding Author


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