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Ready!Fatigue Analysis of Gravity Ocean Platforms

    Nan Liu*, Yinbang Wang, Xin Wang, and Yingjie Yang

Ready!Analysis of Isolation Effects about Elastic Waves by Discontinuous Barriers Composed of Rigid Piles

    Ping Xu*

Ready!Boundary Effect on Pore Pressure and Coal Seam Deformation during CO2 Sequestration in Coal Seam

    Li Zhu*, Weiqun Liu, Zhiqiang Shen, and Zhengfeng Yi

Ready!Engineering Geology of Ghomroud Tunnel with Emphasis on Water Inflow-A Case Study

    Masoud Cheraghi Seifabad

Ready!Energy-absorbing of Porous Rock Investigated Under Impact Loading

    Lili Huang* and Wei Shi

Ready!Environmental Prediction Model for Dynamic Release of Lead in Contaminated Soil under Washing Remediation

    Jiang-shan Li*, Ping Wang, and Lei Liu

Ready!Numerical Simulation of the Flow Field around a Gravity Platform

    Xin Wang*, Yinbang Wang, Nan Liu, and Yingjie Yang

Ready!Shear Strength Parameters for Silty-Sand Using Relative Compaction

    Sadanand Ojha* and Ashutosh Trivedi

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Triaxial Compression Stress Paths Tests for Unsaturated Soil

    Dong Jian-jun*

Ready!The Stope Roof Break Law on the Influence of Faults

    Yabin Zhen*, Yucheng Zhao, Jianying Zhang, and Hui Xu

Ready!A Review of Three-Dimensional Slope Stability Analyses based on Limit Equilibrium Method

    Roohollah Kalatehjari* and Nazri Ali

Ready!Model Test Study on In-service Karst Highway Tunnel

    Rao Jun-ying*, Fu He-lin, Liu Yun-si, Yin Quan, and Zhang Hai-ming

Ready!Effects of Thickness of Roof Layers on Optimum Design of Truss Bolt System Using Finite Element Modeling Techniques

    Behrooz Ghabraie*, Gang Ren and Kazem Ghabraie

Ready!A Solution to Small Strain Dynamic Response of Integrated Bolt

    Guo Zhao and Jian-gong Chen

Ready!Particle Shape Quantities and Measurement Techniques–A Review

    Juan M. Rodriguez*, Tommy Edeskär, and Sven Knutsson

Ready!Implementation of Modal Control for Series Isolated Structure Using Magneto-rheological Dampers

    Zhang Shangrong, Du Yongfeng*, Guoping Jiang

Ready!Cyclic Behavior of Marine Silty Sand

    Muhammad Safdar and Jin Man Kim*

* Corresponding Author


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