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Ready!High Resolution Time-domain Induced Polarization Tomography with Merging Data Levels by Two Different Optimized Arrays for Slope Monitoring Study

    Andy A. Bery and Rosli Saad

Ready!The Mechanics Simulation of MSG Strain Gradient Plasticity Theory in Granular Material

    Liu Jia and Fang Yingguang

Ready!Effect of Flexibility of Geosynthetic Inclusion on The Interface Shear Capacity of Segmental Block System

    Md. Zahidul Islam Bhuiyan, Faisal Hj. Ali, and Firas A. Salman

Ready!An Improved Flexible Camera Calibration Technique for Rock Three Dimensional Shape Measurement System

    Dahui Qin, Haijun Liu, and Lili Liu

Ready!Correlation Research between Landslide Thrust and Invading Width of Rock for Rock-Socketed Anti-sliding pile in Steep Slope

    Huang Zhi, Wang Jinhui, Jiang Lizhong, Wang Ming

Ready!The Effect of Moisture Content on the Strength and Anisotropy Index of Tropically Weathered Shale

    Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Mohd Firdaus Md Dan@Azlan, Azizan Abd. Aziz, Olumorin Michael Maiye, and Maybelle Liang

Ready!New Productivity Evaluation Model for Segregated Fracturing Horizontal Well in Low Permeability and Tight Reservoir

    Dawei Zhu, Zhengming Yang, Xuewu Wang, Zuocai Liao

Ready!Load-Bearing Arching Between Cantilever Piles and Influencing Factors

    Zhen-qiang Wang, Yong-xing Zhang, Chao Yang, Xin-zhe Li

Ready!Decision Support System for Optimization Control in Shield Excavating Process

    Shouju Li, De Li and Shen Yu

Ready!Detailed Slope Stability Analysis and Assessment of the original Carsington Earth Embankment Dam Failure in the UK

    Dr. Costas I. Sachpazis

Ready!Segment opening calculation of shield tunnel based on double-sided elastic foundation beam when tunnel followed by well excavation

    Yang Chunshan, Mo Haihong, Chen Junsheng, and Li Jinhua

Ready!The Mechanical Behavior of the Large-stone Asphalt Mixes as under layer of Asphalt Pavement

    Jinmin Guo, Huixia Li

Ready!Three Dimensional Fully Coupled Consolidation for Spherical Soil under Arbitrary Load and Example Analysis

    Yulin Wang, Dazhong Huang, Kanghe Xie, and Huahong Lian

Ready!Numerical Simulation on Mechanical Characteristics of Deep-hole Blast in Soft and Loose Coal-beds

    Cai Feng, Liu Ze-gong, Huang Wen-yao

Ready!Effect of Granular Material on the Rate of Consolidation of Peat Soil

    Zulkifli Abu Hassan, Mohd Nazrin Mohd Daud, Muhamad Azani Yahya, and Mohammad Shahir Shaharuddin

Ready!Telescopic Non-Connected Piled-Raft Foundation (TNCPRF)

    Koohyar Faizi, Ahmad Safuan A Rashid, and Ramli Nazir

Ready!Strength Characteristics of Artificial Structured Frozen Loess

    Yaling Chou, Chen Xingqiang, and Jiang Xiangang

Ready!Empirical Model for Estimating Compression Index from Physical Properties of Weathered Birimian Phyllites

    Dr. CFA Akayuli and Bernard Ofosu

Ready!Mechanical Analysis of Soil Arch and Suitable Spacing Between Cantilever Piles

    Zhen-qiang Wang, Yong-xing Zhang, Cheng-jun Wang, and Zhi-min Chen

Ready!Application of Logging Data in Predicting Sand Production in Oilfield

    Ma Dong, Bian Long, Li Lun, and Hu Juncheng


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