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Ready!The Identification of Fault Zones in Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar (Indonesia) Using Magnetic Method

    Dr. M.M. Nordiana, Dr. Muhammad Syukri, Dr. Rosli Saad, Marwan, and Nur Aminuda Kamaruddin

Ready!Analysis and model prediction of subgrade settlement for Linhai highway in China

    Gao Lei, Zhou Qiu-yue, Yu Xiang-juan, and Chen Zhi-hui

Ready!Numerical Analysis on Water Discharge of Tunnel Based on the Ecological Water Requirement of Vegetation

    Deng Lin and Kuang Xilong

Ready!Three-Dimensional Stability Analysis Method for Slope with Arbitrary Sliding Surface Based on Minimum Potential Energy Principle

    Wen Shujie, Li You, Jing Wenqiang, Tan Limin, and Luo Hui

Ready!Predicting Shear Strength of Municipal Waste Material by Evolutionary Polynomial Regression (EPR)

    Mohsen Keramati, Sina Khodabakhsh Reshad, Sahand Asgarpour, and Mohammad A. Tutunchian

Ready!Static Characteristics of Coarse-Grained Soils

    Guodong Deng, Jiasheng Zhang, Xiaobin Chen, Fei Meng, and Xiong Shi

Ready!Numerical Study for Buckling of Pile with Different Distributions of Lateral Subgrade Reaction

    Xiao-guo Zhou, Ming-xin Li, and Yun-gang Zhan

Ready!Seulimeum Fault Verification Using 2-D Resistivity Imaging

    Nur Aminuda Kamaruddin, Dr. Muhammad Syukri, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. M.M. Nordiana, and Marwan

Ready!Methane Drainage and Utilization Technologies for High Gassy and Low Permeability Coal Seams in Tiefa Mining Area

    Wang Xufeng, Zhang Dongsheng, Li Guojun, Ren Tingxiang, and Zhang Wei

Ready!Tunnel Rockburst Proneness Study Based on AHP-FUZZY Method and Field Test

    Zhigang Li, Bo Li, Xu Han, and Wanpeng Song

Ready!Consolidation Characteristics of Lime Column and Geotextile Encapsulated Lime Column (GELC) Stabilized Pontian Marine Clay

    Siaw Yah Chong and Khairul Anuar Kassim

Ready! Suspended

    Yi Xue

Ready!The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Value for Banting Soft Soil Subgrade Stabilized Using Lime-Pofa Mixtures

    Norazlan Khalid, Mohd Fadzil Arshad, Mazidah Mukri, Faizah Kamarudin, and Abdul Halim Abdul Ghani

Ready!Utilizing 2-D Resistivity Method for Seawater Intrusion Study at Benteng Kuta Lubok, Aceh-Indonesia

    Dr. Muhammad Syukri, Zul Fadhli, and Dr. Rosli Saad

Ready!Optimization of Supporting Plans for the Quick-return Tunnel in an Extremely Thick and Fracture Developing Coal Seam

    Guozhen Zhao, Zhanguo Ma, Ruichong Zhang, and Zhaoxu Lu

Ready!End-wall Slope Stability Analysis of Surface Coal Mine under the Combined Open-pit Mining with Underground Mining

    Hongge Peng, Qingxiang Cai, Li Ma, and Wenliang Tang

Ready!Judgment of Key Components during Progressive Collapse

    Bing-bing Tu, and Dong Zhao

Ready!Simulation and Monitoring of a Deep Foundation Pit in Cable Tunnel Engineering

    Xuzheng Peng, Yingguang Fang, Fan Zhang, Jie Yuan, and Renguo Gu

Ready!Uncertainty Evaluation on Measurement Results for the determination of halohyrocarbon in Water Samples by Purge and Trap-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

    Jing Wang, Li Zhu, and Dong Hai Ai


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