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Ready!Prediction on Stability of Salt Cavern Gas Storages during the Construction and Operation Period

    Zongming Yuan, Mengmeng Cui and Ying Xie

Ready!A Neural Network Method to Calculate the Pre-consolidation Stress of Soil

    Yuchao Xia and Chuansheng Wu

Ready!Stress and Deformation Characteristics of the Roof Supported Pile Foundation System in Karst Area

    Yuchao Xia and Chuansheng Wu

Ready!The Failure Instability Probability of Landslide under Multi-form Distributions of Parameters based on Monte-Carlo Method

    Yuchao Xia and Chuansheng Wu

Ready!Dynamic Response of Concrete Frame Structure under a Blasting Demolition Environment

    Xuansheng Cheng, Wei Jing and Jiexuan Ma

Ready!On the Treatment of Dangerous Slopes of Fire-Prevention Road of the Fragrant Hill in Beijing

    Wang Guihe

Ready!The Critical State Analysis of Reservoir Landslide under Extreme Rainfall and Water Level Condition

    Yuchao Xia and Chuansheng Wu

Ready!Degradation of Pile Foundations under Lateral Cyclic Loading

    Pan Gao, Menglan Duan, Xiuli Liu and Qiang Gao

Ready!Simulation for the Performance of Ribbed Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Short Column with Axial Compression

    Xu Bing and Yin Guansheng

Ready!Seepage Response and Stability Variation During a Rainfall in Soil Landslide

    Chuansheng Wu and Yuchao Xia

Ready!Dissipation of Pore Water in the Process of Preloading and Sand well Drain based on FLAC3d

    Yuchao Xia and Chuansheng Wu

Ready!A Method to Solve the Max Slope Angle of Tailing Based on Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

    Chuansheng Wu and Yuchao Xia

Ready!Risk Assessment System of Spatial City Gas Pipeline

    Zegen Wang, Mingjun Xi and Jianghong Xiao

Ready!Theory and Experiment of Resistivity Tomography Diagnosis of the Diseased Earth-rock Dam Model

    Kui Wang and Mingjie Zhao

Ready!Analysis of Steady Well Flow of Confined Aquifer with Heterogeneity of Skin Zone

    Yulin Wang and Huahong Lian

Ready!Numerical Analysis of Uplift Capacity of Circular Plate Anchor in Sand

    Hao Dong-xue, Fu sheng-nan and Chen Rong

Ready!Soil Nailing Support System for a Foundation Pit with Positive Angle

    Min Lin and Jun Cheng

Ready!Soil Nailing versus Bored Pile Wall—A Comparison of Two Excavation Support Systems

    Min Lin and Jun Cheng
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Ready!Numerical Analysis of Uplift Capacity of Circular Plate Anchor in Sand

    Hao Dong-xue, Fu sheng-nan and Chen Rong

Ready!Statistical Analysis for the Relationship between Motion Parameters and Topographic Conditions of Long Runout Landslides in China

    Fu-gang Xu, Xing-guo Yang, Jia-wen Zhou, Tian-xing Hou, and Peng-yuan Lu

Ready!Bolt-grouting Repair and Reinforcement Technology for Damaged Soft-rock Roadway in Deep Mine

    Zhang Jihua, Wang Lianguo and Jiang Bangyou

Ready!Experimental Investigation of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide on Permeability of Clay-Bearing Formation

    Peng Wang, Hongjian Ni, Chenghao Wu and Ruihe Wang

Ready!A Survey on the Degradation State of Concrete Marquees in the City of Recife

    A.C.A. Melo, D.R. Santos, M.K.S. Santos, D.S. Silva and E.C.B. Monteiro

Ready!Influence of Pile Bottom Sediment of Different Weathered Red Mudstone on the Bearing Behavior of Pile Foundation Based on Flac3d

    Hu Qi-Jun, Zhang Yu-Hao, Huang Chao, Wang Ping, and Ju Xing

Ready!Filling Mining Demonstration and Subsidence Deformation in One Coal Mine

    Weijian Yu, Peng Xu, Tao Feng and Shaohua Du

Ready!Artificial Cores Technology of Simulating In-Situ Hydrate Bearing Sediment

    Mingming Zheng, Qian Sun, Guosheng Jiang and Fulong Ning

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Cr (VI) Migration in Landfill Double Liner System

    Kejian Shang, Dongmei Feng, Zhaopeng Zhang and Ang Li

Ready!The Estimation Method of the Borehole Stability Based on Unified Strength Criterion

    Fei Xue, Nong Zhang and Xiaowei Feng

Ready!Seepage Characteristics of Bingham Fluid in Porous Medium

    Zheng Jingyun, Xiao Sanxia and Jiang Guoping

Ready!The Effects Mechanism Analysis of Excavation on Existing Adjacent Metro of Sandy Pebble in Ultra-Deep Foundation

    Qijun Hu, Ping Wang, Zhiwei Long, Yun Zhang and Xiaoqiang Yang

Ready!Mechanical Properties Analysis of Interfacial Failure of the Anchorage Body in Soft Surrounding Rock and Its Application

    Hong-tao Wang, Bei Jiang, De-chao Wang, Yao-xi Ren, Zuo-hua Jiang, Gong-jian Li, Guo-li Ding and Yu-long Zou

Ready!Control of Post-Construction Settlement of High Embankment Based on Settlement Rate

    Junhui Zhang, Lei Zhang, Liangliang Dai and Jianlong Zheng


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