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Ready!The Effect of Variable Modulus Elastoplastic Strength Reduction Method on Slope Stability

    Yanmei Yang, Yujun Wang and Yifeng Wu

Ready!Forecasting of building settlements due to earthquake liquefaction based on LS-SVM with mixed kernel

    Fei Wang, Jingyu Su and Zhitao Wang

Ready!A Review on the Discrete Element Modeling of Dynamic Laboratory Tests for Liquefaction Assessment

    Akhila Manne and Dr. Neelima Satyam D

Ready!Shear Strength of a Natural and Compacted Tropical Soil

    Lucas Savio Fagundes and Roger Augusto Rodrigues

Ready!Single Fracture Grouting Numerical Simulation Based on Fracture Roughness in Hydrodynamic Environment

    Yang Ping and Sun Xueqing

Ready!Stress Triggering of the 2012 Sumatra Mw 8.2 Earthquake by the 2012 Sumatra Mw 8.6 Earthquake

    Wu Jianchao, Lei Dongning, Cai Yongjian, and Li Heng

Ready!Impact of an Ultra-deep Pit Excavation in a Sand and Gravel Stratum on the Surrounding Buildings

    Hu qi-jun, Zhang Xuanwen, Long Zhiwei and Cai Qijie

Ready!Mechanical Property Experiment and Damage Statistical Constitutive Model of Hongze Rock Salt in China

    Li Peng, Liu Xinrong and Zhong Zuliang

Ready!Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Behavior of Methane Hydrate Bearing Coal under Triaxial Compression

    X. Gao, C. Gao, B.Y. Zhang, Q. Wu, W.X. Liu and L.N. Wang

Ready!Geological and Geotechnical Studies of Gully Erosion at Ekwulobia, Oko and Nanka Towns, Southeastern Nigeria

    O.N. Okengwo, O. C. Okeke, C.N. Okereke and A.C. Paschal

Ready!Laboratory Tests on Effects of Corrosive Environment on Bearing Properties of Friction Pile

    Yan Nan, Yang Jun-jie and Dong Meng-rong

Ready!The shear strength correction formula of soil-similar slopes based on Suction Stress Theory

    Ding Shao-lin, Zuo Chang-qun, Liu Dai-guo and Chen Jian-ping

Ready!Prediction of Maximum Dry Density and Specific Gravity of Fly Ash Using Support Vector Machine

    Akshaya Kumar Sabat

Ready!Coal Seam Thickness Prediction based on Least Squares Support Vector Machines and Kriging Method

    Chen Youkuo, Yang Yongguo and Wu Wangwen

Ready!Failure Mechanism Analysis of Support in Three Soft Coal Roadways and Its Control Measures

    Bei Jiang, Hong-tao Wang, Yao-xi Ren, De-chao Wang, Qi Wang, Yu-long Zou, Rui Pan and Zuo-hua Jiang

Ready!Failures in Backfilled Stopes and Barricades in Underground Mines

    Morteza Sheshpari

Ready!Experimental Study of Heat and Moisture Migration in Unsaturated Soils under Thermal Boundaries

    Huajun Wang, Lufei Feng, Xueli Wang and Yuhong Wang

Ready!Monitoring and Numerical Simulation of Structure Behavior of Supporting Piles in a Deep Foundation Pit

    Liu Liang

Ready!A Constitutive Model for Mudstone Shear Creep

    Fan Zhi-jun, Zhang Jia-ming and Yuan Hong-suo

Ready!2D Coupled Thermal-Mechanical Analysis on Embankment Longitudinal Cracks in Permafrost Regions

    Chou Yaling, Yang Gongqi and Li Baoan

Ready!Application of ARAMIS Digital Speckle In Clay Interlayer Deformation Measurement

    Qijun Hu, Xiaoqiang Yang, Qijie Cai and Chao Huang

Ready!Risk Prediction of Roof Bed-Separation Water Inrush in a Coal Mine, China

    Maolin Xing, Wenping Li, Qiqing Wang and Dongdong Yang

Ready!A Study about Game with Entropy Model of ROT Project Financing—using the Small Hydropower Project for Example

    Wang Yanwei, Wang Songjiang and Huang Yi

Ready!Evaluating the Thickness of the Security of the Carve Roof Based on SIGMA/W in a Karst Area

    Yijun Zhou, Haifeng Guo and Xuan Zheng

Ready!Reliability Analysis and Design of Driven Piles Based on n-σ Criteria

    Dr. Zhijun Xu and Zhen Bian

Ready!Mapping Subsurface Karst Formation Using 2-D Electrical Resistivity Imaging (2-DERI)

    Zul Fadhli, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. M. M. Nordiana, I. N. Azwin and A. A. Bery

Ready!Application of GPR in Highway Tunnel Lining Quality Detection

    Du Tian and Deng Xisheng

Ready!Geological and Geotechnical Characterization of the Basal Soil Portion at a Former Mining Waste Disposal

    Mariana Consiglio Kasemodel and Valéria Guimarães Silvestre Rodrigues


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