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Ready!Contaminant Transport in the Landfill Liner Systems with Clogging in China

    Fan Jingjing

Ready!Pollution Characteristics of Mineral Resource Exploitation Based on Geochemical Analysis -- A Case Study of a Mining Area in Yalong River Watershed

    Xuanqiong Li, Huan Yu and Zhengwei He

Ready!Forecast and Application for Mechanical Parameters of Similar Material for Solid-Fluid Coupling

    Weijia Guo, Shichuan Zhang, Xuewu Wang and Wenbin Sun

Ready!Consolidation Technology of Inserted-Rod & Bent for Tunnel Collapse Zone

    Dr. He Wei

Ready!Analogism-based Investigation and Applicable Condition of Waterproof and Drainage Structural Configuration in Loess Road Tunnel in West China

    Lai Jin-xing, Fan Hao-bo, Qiu Jun-ling, Tian Chong-chong and Dong Wei-wei

Ready!Scientific Mining in China - Problems, Progress, and Prospects

    Li Chongmao, Nie Rui, and Wang Di

Ready!Pertinence Measurement of Frame Effect on Recycled Coarse Aggregate by Copula Method

    Ning Zhao and Zhenshuang Wang

Ready!Determination of Failure Zone of Vane Shear Test Using Artificial Transparent Soil

    Noorsubha binti Hussin, Ahmad Safuan bin A Rashid, Hisham bin Mohamad, and Abdul Rahman bin Samuri

Ready!Magnetic Signature at Rebound Area of Meteorite Impact Crater at Bukit Bunuh, Lenggong, Perak, Malaysia

    Dr. M.M. Nordiana, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. Mokhtar Saidin, Noer El Hidayah Ismail, and Noor Farah Izzati Ismail

Ready!Stability Analysis for Shallow Unsymmetrical-Loaded Tunnel

    Dr. He Wei

Ready!Chemical variations of groundwater in coal bearing aquifer in northern Anhui Province, China: study based on Unmix model and major ions

    Xianghong Liu and Linhua Sun

Ready!A Review on the Prospective of Microorganisms in Promoting Bioengineering Slope Stability

    Noorasyikin M.N. and Zainab Mohamed

Ready!Assessment of Soil-Root Matrix of Vetiver and Bermuda Grass for Mitigation of Shallow Slope Failure

    Noorasyikin M.N. and Zainab Mohamed

Ready!Vibration Characteristic of Surface Masonry Buildings Induced by Tunnel Blasting Utilizing 3-D Dynamic FEM

    Lai Jin-xing, Niu Fang-yuan, Guo Chun-xia and Qiu Jun-ling

Ready!Substep Simulated Annealing to Locate Multiple Concentrated Seepage Passages in Dams Using Ground Temperature

    Wang Xinjian, Li Riyun and Wei Simin

Ready!Effect of Reservoir Water Level on the Stability of the Yubadu Slope

    Tian-xing Hou, Jia-wen Zhou, Xing-guo Yang, Hui-ge Xing and Ming-jiu Yu

Ready!Application of Pile Bottom Post-grouting Technology to Increase the Bearing Capacity of Bored Piles in Vietnam

    Nguyen Khanh Tung and Wu Li

Ready!Vertical Pile Depth of Embedment in Homogeneous, Cohesionless Soils for Flexible Approach Walls Capable of Withstanding Lateral Barge Train Impact Loads

    Barry C. White and Dr. Robert M. Ebeling

Ready!Mechanism and Evolution Law of Rock Failure Based on Moment Tensor Inversion

    Jinfei Chai, Aibing Jin and Shunchuan Wu

Ready!Addition of Metakaolin as a Reducing Agent of the Concrete Exposure Effects to Sulfate Ions

    I. S. Carmo, R. A. Berenguer, J. O. Vieira Filho, A. J. C. Silva, and E. C. B. Monteiro

Ready!Fuzzy Analytic Network Process and Its Application in Tunnel Engineering Risk Analysis

    Wang Yan, Liu Baoguo, and Qi Yia

Ready!Evaluation of Fly Ash-Calcium Carbide Residue Stabilized Expansive Soil As a Liner Material in Engineered Landfill

    Dr. Akshaya Kumar Sabat and Rajalaxmi Nayak

Ready!Meso-Simulation for Fracture Process of Inhomogeneous Rock Specimen

    Shouju Li, Zichang Shangguan, and Shen Yu

Ready!Preliminary Risk Analysis in Removal Activity of Subterranean Fuel Storage Tank

    Evandro Ribeiro Leite, Rodrigo Eduardo Catai, André Nagalli, Amacin Rodrigues Moreira, and Rosemara Santos Deniz Amarilla

Ready!Strata Behavior of Recovering Room Mining Remnant Pillars with Loess Backfilling

    Wei Yin, Dongsheng Wang, and Xu Zhao

Ready!The Surrounding Rock Deformation and Failure Mechanism of Wudang Group Schists Tunnel

    Zou Hao, and Yan E-chuan

Ready!Combined Use of Ground Magnetic and Electrical Resistivity Methods in Bedrock Mapping: Case Study of NTA Premises, Oba Ile Area, South-Western Nigeria

    Gbenga, M., Olayanju, Adebowale, O., Adelusi, and Kola, Abdul-Nafiu, Adiat

Ready!The Disturbed Stress Field of Surrounding Rock of Deep-Buried Roadway in Anticline Tectonic

    Wei-sheng Zhao, Pham Thi Nhan, and Sanda Suresh

Ready!Analytical Solution for Piezone Pore Pressure Dissipation Equation

    Qiang Wang, Baoju Gong, and Ling Guo

Ready!Zonary GPS Control Network Established Method — A Case study on Lanzhou tu ZhengZhou (Part of Gansu)

    Xiong Junnan, Peng Chao, and Sun Ming


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