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Ready!New Frontiers in the Offshore Geotechnics and Foundation Design

    Morteza Sheshpari and Saman Khalilzad

Ready!A Thermo-Elastoplastic Model for Geomaterials Based on Superloading Surface

    Wang Mingmin, He Zuoyue, and Chen Yu

Ready!Analysis of Pile-Soil Interaction of Gravel Pile Composite Foundation

    Xinchao Kang, Shijie Wang, Qing Liu, and Jie Ma

Ready!Mathematical Modeling of Hydraulic Conductivity in Homogeneous Porous Media: Influence of Porosity and Implications in Subsurface Transport of Contaminants

    Dr. Olusegun Olalekan Alabi, Ajah, D.T., and Abidoye, L.K.

Ready!Safety Thickness of the Tunnel and Cave Based on Morris-BP Neural Network

    Bo Liu, Aibing Jin, and Yongtao Gao

Ready!Parametric Sensitivity Analysis of Multi-Field Coupling Contaminant Transport Through Clay Barriers

    Huang Lu, Chen Qingshuai, and Fan Dongling

Ready!Orthogonal Numerical Investigation on Surrounding Rock Pressure of Small-Distance Tunnel under Double Unsymmetrical Pressure

    Bai Fu-yu, Tang Ya-sen, and Liu Tong

Ready!A Statistics-Based Projection Pursuit Model for Prediction of Rock Burst Grades

    Peng-yu Chen

Ready!Stability Design Charts for Unsupported Wide Rectangular Tunnels Senior Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering

    Jim Shiau, Mathew Sams, and Jing Chen

Ready!The Reasonable Layout Position of Roadway underlying Legacy Coal Pillar in Close-distance Coal Seams

    Shengyuan Gao, Weisheng Zhao, Yaqiang Zhang, and Vu Duc Quyet

Ready!Particle Movement Behavior in Drum Coal Loading Process by Discrete Element Method

    Kuidong Gao

Ready!Parametric Investigation of Grouting Circle for Tunnels in High Hydraulic Pressure and Water-Enriched Region

    Fan Hao-bo, Lai Jin-xing, and Tang Ya-sen

Ready!Types and Space Distribution Characteristics of Debris Flow Disasters Along China-Pakistan Highway

    Yang Zhiquan, Zhu Yingyan, Qian Shanguang, and Hou Kepeng

Ready!Geological Structure Causes of the Rise in Burni Telong Manifestations, Bener Meriah, Central Aceh, Indonesia

    Gartika Setiya Nugraha, Marwan Abubakar, Dr. Susanti Alawiyah, and Dr. Sutopo

Ready!Sensitivity Analysis of Influencing Factors for Similar Material Based on Orthogonal Test Design

    Chuangye Wang and Hongguang Ji

Ready!Resistivity Laboratory Measurement of Geomaterial

    Haryati Awang and Cho Gye-Chun

Ready!Exchange Ion Characteristics of Ammonium by Zeolite-HS

    Naela Abdullaha and Azimah Hussin

Ready!A Numerical Simulation Method and its Application for Elastic-brittle of Crack Propagation of Fractured Rock under Compression Shear

    Bei Jiang, Weishen Zhu, Huibin Sun, Zhishen Wang, and Song Gao

Ready!Near-Field Broadband Ground-Motion Simulation Using a Hybrid Approach

    Abuoelela A. Mohamed, Sayed SR Moustafa, Nassir S. Al-Arifi, and Abd El-Aziz K. Abd El-Aal

Ready!Displacement Distribution of Tunnel Beside the Foundation Pit

    Yangzong Zhou, Wenxiang Peng, and Zhenbin Peng

Ready!Damage Constitutive Model for Rock Considering Cyclic Drying-Wetting Effect and Its Experimental Validation

    Li Kegang and Zhang Yuanying

Ready!In-situ Stress Inversion of Deep Mining Area by Nonlinear Chaotic Method

    Wei Wang, Zhou-quan Luo, Ya-guang Qin, and Jun Xiang

Ready!2D Geo-Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil

    Muhammad Azrief Azahar, Adi Suryadi, Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Wan Zuhairi Wan Yaacob, and Ahmad Nazri Saidin

Ready!Case Study on the Typical Failure Modes and Reliability of Reinforced-Earth Retaining Wall

    Chen Jingyu, Nie Zhihong, Zhao Lianheng, and Luo Wei

Ready!Investigation of Synthesized Zeolite–HS from Low Grade Malaysian Kaolinite as Adsorbent of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions: Batch Experiment and Modeling

    Naela Abdullaha and Azimah Hussin

Ready!Numerical Analysis of Reasonable Spacing between Tunnel Faces during Closely-spaced Stacked Tunneling

    Xiaowu Tang, Penglu Gan, Jiaoyang Li and Hengyu Wang

Ready!Landslide Spatial Evaluation Based on Displacement–Speed Ratio and Safety Factor

    Xu Bo and Xie Mo-wen

Ready!Correlation Between Petrographic and Physico-Mechanical Variables of Basalts of the Paraná Magmatic Province

    Bruno Nagalli, Eleonora Maria Gouvea Vasconcellos and André Nagalli

Ready!2.5D Marine CSEM Inversion Using Nonlinear Conjugate Gradients Algorithm

    Guangyuan Chen, Libin Du, Hao Gao, Jianen Jing, Ming Deng and Kai Chen

Ready!Basement Depth Estimation of Cheshire Basin in Northwest England By Power Spectrum Analysis of Gravity Data

    Nadiah Hanim Shafie, Umar Hamzah and Azmi Ibrahim


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