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Ready!Interpretation of Seismic Cone Penetration Testing in Silty Soil

    Rikke Holmsgaard, Lars Bo Ibsen, and Benjaminn Nordahl Nielsen

Ready!Grouting Reinforcement of Water Rich Strata in the Pile Foundation Construction

    Liu Hui

Ready!Surrounding Rock Mass Failure Mechanism of Large Cross Section Roadway Under Horizontal Tectonic Stress

    Chunlei Zhang, Yong Zhang,, and Shouyang Gao

Ready!3D Tunnel Face Stability of Cross-River Shield Tunnel Considering Water Pressure

    Weiping Liu, Xiaoyan Luo, Lina Hu, and Yongxian Yang

Ready!An Improved Method for Resource Evaluation of Shale Gas Reservoir

    Bao Xing, Li Shao-hua, Zhang Chang-min, Li Jun, and Yu Si-yu

Ready!Soil Improvement by Electro-Osmosis with Vacuum Drainage in Cathode

    Zhi-ming Liu, Jian-gui Yang, and Qi-meng Li

Ready!Technology of Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Flushing Fluids

    Xu Dingda and Zhao Lin

Ready!Influence of Moisture Content and Stress Cyclic Loading Amplitude on the Dynamic Characteristics of Sandstone

    Yu Hu, Huafeng Deng, Wei Wang, Zhe Wang, Xiaojing Zhang, and Eleyas Assefa

Ready!The Relationships among Morphology Parameters of Coarse-Grained Marble Joint Surface

    Baohua Guo, Long Wang, Chenlin Wang, and Kefeng Xi

Ready!Bolt-grouting Support in Thick Alluvium and Thin Bedrock Cracked Soft Rock Roadway-A Case Study at Zhaogu No.1 Coal Mine

    Zhang Shuai, Fan Gangwei, and Tang Shijie

Ready!Surface Deformation Mechanism Analysis of Village—under Repeated Mining of 12200 stope in Huancheng Mine

    Liyuan Weng, Yuanzhong Luan, Shuai Liu, and Hengxuan Luan

Ready!Simulation of a Closed Acidizing Technique for Improvement of Acid Fracturing

    Chunlei Wang, Liqiang Zhao, Dongjiang Tian, Pingli Liu, Xinnian Niu, and Gang Hu

Ready!Theory and Perspective on Stimulation of Unconventional Tight Oil Reservoir in China

    Zhifeng Luo, Yujia Gao, Liqiang Zhao, Pingli Liu and Nianyin Li

Ready!The Application of Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm in the Optimization of Well Trajectory

    Sun Tengfei, Qian Feng, and Kong Xiangji

Ready!Bearing Behavior of Rotary Drilled Pile in Soft and Deep Backfilled Area

    Luo Bin, Liu Xianshan and Xu Ming

Ready!Provenance of Turbidite Deposit of the Silurian Longmaxi Formation in the Middle-Upper Yangtze Region and Their Geologic Significance

    Jing Han, Dr. Bo Chen, Jun Peng, Jiaming Zhang, and Fei Yuan

Ready!Accumulative Plastic Deformation and Critical Dynamic Stress of Frozen Silt Clay in Permafrost Region under Cyclic Loading

    Lina Wang, Xianzhang Ling, Jing Wang, Yanhui Liu, Jingyu Li and Jianbin Xie

Ready!Stability Analysis of Rainfall-Induced Typical Landslide in Fanjingshan Mountain Area

    Li Xinwei and Yan E’chuan

Ready!Slope Seismic Response at the Different Anchoring Conditions

    Zhao Jie and Feng Jiang

Ready!Mechanical Response and Reliability of Secondary Lining in Soft-rock Tunnel

    Luo Bin, Liu Xianshan and Xu Ming

Ready!Sensitivity of Influencing Factors of Slope Stability Based on the Orthogonality Analysis Method

    Chen Hang, Yang Deng, Huang Xi, Zou Zuyin and Yan Qixiang

Ready!Effect of Non-Pillar Mining on Stability of Reservoir Dam

    Ruo-Fan Wang and Wen-Long Shen

Ready!Effect of Polypropylene Fibers, Lime And Ceramic Additives on the Compressibility of Silty-Clay Soil

    Hiba D. Saleem and Asad H. Humaish

Ready!Implicit Integration of Modified Cam Clay Model Including Nonlinear Elasticity

    Dr. Dipika Devi and A. K. Singh

Ready!Effect of Materials Quality on Stability of Embankment Dam

    Behzad Kalantari and Farjad Nazeri

Ready!In-situ Experimental Behavior of Micro-Steel Pipe Pile Support in Foundation Pit with Special Stratum

    Changhong Li, Xiaolong Zhou, Xiaoming Wei and Pengzhou He

Ready!Sorption Behavior of Gemini Surfactant for Decompression and Augmented Injection on Formation Rock

    Chen Yirong and Liu Dehua

Ready!Mechanism of Load Transmission and Interaction Between Rock and Pile Under Nonlinear Incidence

    Zhang Xu, Tan Zhuoying, and Gao Bingyong

Ready!Diagnosis of Irregular Disposal of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) in the City of Olinda/PE

    Maria Júlia de Oliveira Holanda, Diogo Henrique Fernandes da Paz, Carolina Magalhães Figueredo, Kalinny Patrícia Vaz Lafayette, and Maria do Carmo Martins Sobral

Ready!Impact of Fineness on Strength Behavior of Bottom Ash Stabilized Soil

    Naphol Yoobanpot and Pitthaya Jamsawang


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