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        Ready!Transient Electromagnetic Response of Conductive Media Modeling and Inversion Based on Fictitious Wave Domain Method

          Xiaoyu Zhao, Guofu Wang, Faquan Zhang, Jincai Ye and Yiyu Zhan

        Ready!Evaluation of Shear Strength of Cohesionless Soil from Maximum, Minimum Dry Density and Fines Content using Polynomial Surface Fitting Method

          Md. Enayet Chowdhury, Md. Azijul Islam, Tahsina Islam, and Nafeesa Khan

        Ready! The Effect of Structural Configuration on Hydraulic Capacity of Geonet Drains Used in Landfills

          Nazanin Yarahmadi, Ivan Gratchev, and Dong Sheng-Jeng

        Ready! An in-Situ Study of DCP and Hand Penetrometer (HP) Tests on Swedish Postglacial Sand

          Hans Rönnqvist and Peter Viklander

        Ready!Design and Application of Multiple Swirling Jet Nozzle in Radial Horizontal Well

          Lei Li, Fangxiang Wang, and Tianyang Li

        Ready!Accident Analysis and Smart Management Model of Metro Safety

          Huang Zhen, Fu Helin, Wang Hui, and Zhang Jiabing

        Ready!Investigation of Mashhad Plain’s Subsidence Potential Due to Soil Layers Consolidation

          S. Farid F. Mojtahedi and Mohsen Sadoughi

        Ready!Geochemical Characteristics of Natural Gas from Yangtake-Yudong2-Quele Structural Belt in Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, NW China

          Shasha Sun, Ligen Tang, and Yonggang Wang

        Ready!Effect of Slag Fineness on the Strength of Cemented Backfill

          Zhen-jiang Wen, Qian Gao, and Zhi-qiang Yang

        Ready!Effects of Suffusion in Dam Core Soils with Varying Degrees of Internal Instability

          Hans Rönnqvist and Peter Viklander

        Ready!Bored Pile Designs Using Geotechnical Indications of Port Harcourt Metropolis

          Warmate Tamunonengiyeofori

        Ready!Rockfall Damage in a Mountainous Area to the Single Column Pier of a Bridge

          Qingcheng Meng, Mingzhen Wang, Mengyu Zhang, Ming Wang, Xin Qi, and Lei Zhao

        Ready!Numerical Analysis of the Electro-Osmosis Consolidation for Different Working Conditions in Soft Soil

          Jie Pang, Xinyu Xie, Lingwei Zheng, and Jinzhu Li

        Ready!Failure Control of Deep Foundation Pit in Marine Soft Soil Layer Based on Sensitivity Analysis -being revised

          Yu Yalin, Wu Ke, Cui Shuaishuai, Zhang Qianjin, Wang Yajun, and Zhang Lewen

        Ready!Review on Discrete Element Modelling of Granular Soils

          S.H. Bahmani and R.P. Orense

        Ready!Compressibility of Lateritic Soil Strengthened with Palm Kernel Husk Ash

          Ugochukwu Okonkwo

        Ready!Critical Load for Direct Soil Arch Between Cantilever Anti-slide Piles

          Li Xin-zhe, Wang Zhen-qiang, Li Xin-liang and Liu Juan

        Ready!Instrumentation Performance Results in Soil Dams and comparing with Numerical Analysis: a Case Study on Doosti Earth Dam in Iran

          Eiman Fathi and Morteza Golestani

        Ready!Effect of Stress Sensitivity on Well Productivity in Low Permeability Reservoir

          Hongyuan Li, Haojun Wu, Yue Wang, Lei Huang, Hongzhou Liu, Jing Tang

        Ready!Physical Characterization of Granite Alteration Products for Use in Civil Engineering

          Vouffo Marcel, Kamga Djoumen Tatiana, Codjo Luc Zinsou, Moussa Sali, Amba Jean Chills, and Ngapgue François

        Ready!Water Quality Assessment and the Possibility of Using it for Drinking and Agriculture (Roudan, South Iran)

          Tahereh Khorrami and Peyman Rezaei

        Ready!Locating an Underground Dam in Roudan Sub-Basin, South of Iran

          Tahereh Khorrami and Peyman Rezaei

        Ready!Change Regulation of the Factors Affecting the Upper Plate Stability in Karst Cave with Pile Foundation

          Li-chang Wang, Wei Long, Huan-bin Sun, Shuang-bin Yan, and Zheng-hao Chen

        Ready!Investigation of Settlement of Contaminated Waste Soil at an Open Dumping Area

          Eva Lailatun Nisa Fatdillah and Nur Irfah Mohd Pauzi


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