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Ready!Experimental and Numerical Study on Motion Characteristics of Rockfall

    Jianhui Tang* and Xiaojun Zhou

Ready!Improved Column Length of the Partial Depth Solution Type Cement Deep Mixing Method by Numerical Analysis

    Wooje Lee, Jong-Chul Im, and Minsu Seo

Ready!Overburden Strata Deformation Pattern during Ascending Mining of Multiple Coal Seams

    Guozhen Zhao, Lihong Zhang, Zhanguo Ma, and Ruichong Zhang

Ready!Stress Analysis of Surrounding Rock of Rectangular Pipe Gallery in Mountain City

    Yuanqing Wang, Xiaoguang Jin, and Qingting Yang

Ready!Construction Mechanics of Ultra-Deep Ventilation Shaft in Subway Station under Complex Engineering Environment

    Ningqiang Shi, Zuojing Shi, Chencai Tong, and Xiaoguang Jin

Impact of Shell Particles Content on Sand-Shell Mixture Shear Strength Anisotropy
    Aleksej Aniskin, Božo Soldo, and Željko Kos

Ready!Dynamic Change of Overpressure Coefficient of Silo Unloading Grain in Arch

    Liu Jie, and Feng Yang

Ready!Interaction Effects of Vertical and Lateral Load on The Behavior of Piled Rafts on Dense and Medium Sandy Soil

    Abdulhafiz Alshenawy, Talal Al-Refeai, and Naif Alsanabani

Ready!Construction Optimization and Monitoring Analysis on Shijiazhuang Metro Line No.3 Tunnel underneath the Residential Buildings

    Shang Yanliang, Nie Hui, and Song Qiang

Ready!Salt water intrusion in groundwater at Mantanani Island, Kota Belud, Sabah

    Helmi Fahmie Rosli, Zulherry Isnain, and Baba Musta

Ready!Reliability Analysis of Shallow Foundation in the Vicinity of the Existing Buried Conduit

    Monica Malhotra and Amit Srivastava

Ready!Investigation on the Tangent Young’s Modulus of Sands in Reloading of Cyclic Triaxial Tests

    Long-tan Shao, Ping-xin Xia and Fei-tao Zeng

Ready!Surrounding Rock Pressure Analysis of Underground Station with Extra-Large Section and Small Spacing

    Ningqiang Shi, Chencai Tong, Zuojing Shi, T.Y.Lin, and Xiaoguang Jin

Ready!Floating Resistance Calculation of Diaphragm Wall and Main Structure of Wanjiali Road Power Tunnel

    Liu Qiming, Nie Xiaoyuan, Yang Bingqing and Fu Helin

Ready!A Combined Experiment and Numerical Simulation Method for Fine Study of Water Flooding in WZ Low Permeability Reservoir

    Ma Yong-Xin, Li Ming-Jun*, He Sheng-Lin, and Lei Hao


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