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Nilmar Janbu

Nilmar the Magnificent 1921-2013

2002: Jilmar Janbu, 80 years young. He is a geotechnical professor emeritus at the Norwegian Technical Univerisity, Trondheim, Norway.

A recent article about Janbu, 50 Intense Years, is reproduced here. It is in Norwegian, but it starts as:

For half a century Nilmar Janbu has been a driving force behind the development of the field of Geotechnics, both in Norway and in the World. Strong in theory, yet with strong interest in practical applications, his exciting guidance has been his permanent mark. He has captured many with his so strong, yet friendy personality.

2013 addendum Nilmar the wonderful passed away at 91 peacefully, contrary to his life that he lived like a storm. What a privilege it is to be a student of this great man. He was not just a great man, he was a giant.

Rest in peace

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