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    Hand sampling equipment, which can be useful for very simple geotech work.

A.P van den Berg

    They started out with design and production of CPT equipment and hydraulic systems in 1968.
    US office P.O. Box 654, Milford PA 18337, Tel: 570-296-8224, Fax: 570-296-4886, E.mail: apvdberg@ptd.net. US Manager: Ed Brylawkski.
    European parent company in Netherlands
    Contact by eMail

Bacharah Europe

    Geotechnical Instrumentation products: Piezometers, Dipmeters, Data Loggers, Inclinometers, Magnetic Extensometers, Settlement Cells, etc.
    Contact: by e-mail

Canary Systems

    They develop hardware and MultiLogger software for geotechnical data acquisition.
    75 Newport Road, Suite 211
    New London, NH 03257 USA
    V:(603)526-9800 F:(603)526-9004 eMail
    Communicated by Debra Johnson, Office Manager of Canary Systems


    A geotechnical and environmental site investigation contractor with offices in the U.S. and Canada. Their services include cone penetration testing, in situ, environmental, and geophysical testing.
    Vancouver Salt Lake City New Jersey Los Angeles San Fransisco Houston Aiken
    (800) 567-7969 eMail
    Communicated by Bruce Miller of Conetec

Dormer Engineering

    A small Australian firm specializing in design and manufacture of portable, hand operated drilling and soil sampling equipment. They supply worldwide.
    Tel: +61 (02) 6672 1533 Fax: +61 (02) 6672 1994

ELE International

    Specialists in the manufacture and supply of testing and monitoring equipment.
    ELE International, Loveland, CO
    Phone: 800-323-1242 Fax: 970-663-9781
    ELE/Soiltest Website


    The Swedish company that makes the Memocone system - a cableless cone penetrometer system and Memovane - electronic vane. These both use memory chip to remember the data in the probes.

Falcon Soil Technologies

GCTS Geotechnical Consulting and Testing Systems

    Computer-controlled laboratory and in-situ testing systems for soil, rock, and construction materials; triaxial, direct shear, unsaturated soil testing, seismic cone, resonant column tests...
    P. O. Box 23686; Tempe, Arizona 85285 - USA
    Tel: (602) 456-0110; Fax (602) 456-4727; eMail

GDS Instruments

    Computer controlled geotechnical engineering lab and field testing systems
    Tel: +44 (0)1256 382450 Fax: +44 (0)1256 382451
    Contact email for enquiries: sales@gdsinstruments.com
    Communicated by Kirstine Mayall, Sales & Marketing


    Automated laboratory testing equipment (triaxial, consolidation, permeability) and Wireless instrumentation monitoring systems with web-based data reporting services
    1145 Massachusetts Avenue; Boxborough, MA 01719 USA
    Contact: Dr. Allen Marr Tel: (978) 635-0012 Fax: (978) 635-0266 eMail


    Instrumentation Manfacturers of Vibrating Wire Gages, Piezometers, etc.
    Contact Tony Simmons
    48 Spencer Street; Lebanon, NH 03766
    Tel: (603)448-1562; eMail

GeoMil Equipment BV

    GeoMil Equipment B.V., Röntgenweg 22, NL - 2408 AB Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands Tel: +31 172 427 800
    Established in 1996 by the merger of the CPT department of GMF Gouda with Conewel B.V.; GeoMil Equipment designs, manufactures sells and services geotechnical and environmental static sounding equipment like CPT, seismic CPT, vane instruments, soil moisture probes, fuel fluorescence detection, video cones, sampler, acquisition and interpretation software etc.
    Contact by eMail


    The instrumentation company that emerged from NGI
    Geonor in Oslo, Norway (fax: +47 67 14 58 46)
    In US: Ed Brylawski in PA: Contact by eMail
    GEONOR, Inc., P.O. Box 903, Milford, PA 18337
    Tel: 570-296-4884 Fax: 570-296-4886


    Tools for the environmental and geotechnical industries, including Geoprobe, a self-boring sapmpler.


    Geotesting Express provides geotechnical testing services on soils, rocks, solid waste and geosynthetic materials. Our equipment's data reduction and reporting capabilities produce final test results within minutes of test completion. These results can be transmitted via e-mail or modem, or by fax, for immediate use.
    Contact by eMail.


    The Swedish company that distributes the flat plate dilatometer in North America.

Gregg Drilling and Testing

    A service company that does CPT and related testing since 1985.


    CBR/LBR, Data Logging Instrumentation, Consolidation, Flexible Wall Permeameter, and Triaxial machines in addition to regular classification tests.

Ing.firman Geotech AB

    The company manufactures multipurpose site investigation rigs and focuses on cone penetration testing (CPT) and rotary/percussion sounding equipment. Other products are static and dynamic push rigs, consumables, vane instruments, samplers, acquisition software. Head office: Datavägen 53, S-436 32 ASKIM (Gothenburg), Sweden, Branch office: Sulkyvägen 15, S-163 43 SPANGAA (Stockholm), Sweden
    Tel: +46 31 28 99 20 E-mail: info


    Engineers, scientists, and construction professionals providing solutions that improve our clients’ transportation, water, energy, and other private infrastructure.
    Contact international


    From design to construction, MENARD offers a complete service for improving soil foundations. Our technologies are cost-effective alternatives to founding above-ground structures on deep foundations. US-website
    Tel: (+33) 01 69 01 37 38
    Contact by eMail
    Pierre Orsat

Pagani Geotechnical Equipment Company

    Producer of Geotechnical and Geophysical Equipment with specialization on Dynamic DPSH and Static Penetrometer
    Loc. Campogrande 18, 29010 Calendasco, Piacenza, Italy
    Tel: (Italy) 0523 781520 eMail

Roctest Ltée/Ltd.

    Roctest Telemac has been offering a wide range of cutting-edge solutions for geotechnical applications worldwide for more than 50 years. Our range of products is based on two established technologies: vibrating wire and fiber optic.
    Roctest Ltée/Ltd.
    665 av. Pine
    St-Lambert, QC, J4P 2P4
    Canada J4P 2P4
    Tel.: +1 (450) 465-1113; Fax: +1 (450) 465-1938


    Distributers & Manufacturers of pressuremeters, stress cells, cone penetromters, piezometers.
    94 Industrial Blvd.; Plattsburgh, NY 12901-2016
    Contact: Dave Prentice Tel: (518) 561-3300 Fax: (518) 651-1192 eMail

RST Instruments Ltd.

    RST is a Canadian based manufacturer of geotechnical instrumentation since 1977. Some of our instrumentation include inclinometer systems/casing, pressure cells, stress cells, load cells, tiltmeters, piezometers.
    RST Instruments Ltd., 200-2050 Hartley Ave., Coquitlam, BC, V3K 6W5, Canada
    Tel: +1-604-540-1100 Fax: +1-604-540-1005
    Communicated by Richard Porayko of RST
    Contact by eMail

Slope Indicator

    Manufacturer of a full range of geotechnical and structural sensors for monitoring tilt, displacement, pressure, and strain.
    Tel: 425-806-2200 Fax 425-806-2250 Contact Mr Pierre Gouvin by eMail

Soil Instruments Cells

    The North American representative
    Solinst Canada Ltd., 35 Todd Road, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada L7G-4R8
    Tel: (905) 873-2255; (800)661-2023 Fax: (905) 873-1992
    Contact by eMail

Soil Remediation

    Evergreen AES assists small and large facilities in the areas of environmental engineering, regulatory interpretation, remediation, and proper disposal of waste products.

US Radar

    US Radar is a technological leader in the design and innovation of ground-penetrating radar systems and software. Their testing software and systems capabilities would be a beneficial addition for those performing geophysical surveying projects, mapping, and more.
    See their website (link above) or contact by e-mail: Spencer Taylor


    They introduce themselves as "Leaders in Cone Penetration Technology"
    South Royalton, Vermont 05068
    Ph: (802) 763-8348, Fax: (802) 763-8283

VJ Tech

    Since its creation in 1991, VJ Tech has supplied high quality testing equipment to the civil engineering industry and continues to grow and develop innovative solutions for commercial, research and field testing that comply with all the major international standards.
    Unit 1, io Trade Centre, Deacon Way, Reading, RG30 6AZ
    Ph: +44 118 945 3737 Contact by eMail

Western Technologies

    A fully-accredited laboratory operating in several western American states (Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico, as well as in Sonoran Mexico): we offer full geotechnical field and laboratory analyses, full materials/construction field and laboratory analyses, post-building inspections by certified engineers, also environmental field and lab analyses and water-quality analysis.
    Contact: The practicing geotechnical engineers
    in Flagstaff, Prescott, Cottonwood, and Lakeside: Rosemarie Taylor-Perry
    in Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale, Mesa, and Scottsdale: Mike Whitman
    or Bruce Mac Ilroy PE, Vice President (602) 437 3737

Wykeham Farrance International

    Major manufacturer and supplier of geotechnical testing equipment for over 60 years
    Weston Road, Slough, SL1 4HW, England
    Tel: +44 (0)1753 571241 Fax: +44 (0)1753 811313 e-mail
    Communicated by Sharon Lee, Project Manager
    US representative: TransTech Systems

Thank you Evert Lawton for collecting some of the early data presented in this page and making it public by posting a message to an e-mail list. He expressed his thanks to Dick Campanella, Paul Mayne, Jean Benoit, and Teresa Taylor for providing input on push-in earth pressure cells. We also acknowledge the contributions of Clayton Dodd of GDS Instruments Ltd., and Dr Paul Mayne of Georgia Tech.


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