InterNIC Featured Site

This is the letter that accompanied the Featured Site icon that is posted on our front page.

July 1, 1997


Your web sites
have been selected for the InterNIC Academic Guide to the Internet. 
This selection entitles you to place the Featured Site icon in your 
web site.

The National Science Foundation funded Guide has been created especially 
for the higher education community.  The topical listings of the Guide 
focus exclusively on the interests of the higher education research 

Top level categories are primarily science-oriented and include:

The Guide is an interactive medium.  In its Community Commentary section, 
users of the guide express their opinions abou the academic value of a 
site.  Scores are tallied and posted with a site's description providing 
at-a-glance peer options.  Compiled by Internet experts with specialized 
skills in library science, web design, and designing services for the 
research and academic community, the Guide delivers a focused, 
no-nonsense resource.

I invite you to visit the web site through the general InterNIC address  Choose the Directory and Database Services link. 
Or, you can visit directly through Congratulations on your site's selection! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Susan Estrada
Project Manager
"The InterNIC Academic Guide to the Internet"
InterNIC Directory and Database Services