"Cavin A. Leske" <cleske@cs.wisc.edu>

07/22/2002 10:52 AM EST





Mete Oner/civen/ceat/Okstate


You have been chosen as a Scout Report Selection

The Internet Scout Project has selected your site--EJGE: Electronic 
Journal of Geotechnical Engineering--for inclusion in the National 
Science Digital Library Report for Math, Engineering, and Technology 
(July 19, 2002), http://geotech.civen.okstate.edu/ejge/index.htm. The 
report is a biweekly current awareness publication that highlights 
new and newly discovered Internet resources in these areas. We take 
care to cover only the most useful resources, considering the depth 
of content, the authority of the source, and how well the information 
is maintained and presented. For more information on our selection 
criteria, visit our site: 

If you wish to inform your colleagues and site visitors that you have 
been chosen as a "National Science Digital Library Report Selection," 
we are attaching a small icon to this message for that purpose. If 
you would prefer to download the image from the Web, it is also 
available at the URL below.


Also, you can provide a link to the Internet Scout Project, where 
your users can look up the annotation for your site.

<A HREF="http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/">
<IMG SRC="SRMETSelection.gif" ALT="The NSDL Scout Report for Math, 
Engineering, and Technology Selection"></A><BR>

Please let us know if your URL changes in the future so that we can 
update our database.

The Internet Scout Project is an NSF- and Mellon-sponsored 
organization based in the Department of Computer Sciences at the 
University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Internet Scout Project