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Congratulations! Your site has been awarded a position on a "Recommended" list at, the number one directory for engineers, designers, GIS professionals, architects and other technical professionals. 

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Subject: Geotechnical Engineering

Link and description: iGem new - online geotechnical engineering magazine includes articles, news, calendar, book reviews, job listings and more

Please check the listing for accuracy. You'll want to MAKE SURE IT LINKS TO YOUR SITE. Let us know immediately if the information is incorrect. is the ONLY online directory using industry experts to catalog and rank over 10,000 sites in over 400 subjects. Our very popular TopTen and directory lists are the fastest way for professionals in CAD, CAE, mapping/GIS, construction and engineering technologies to quickly find the best Web sites. achieved nearly 450,000 page views in August, making it the fastest growing design and engineering site on the planet! We update the site daily and value feedback from the community we serve. Because of this dynamic growth, your placement on a page may change at any time. 

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