WWW Virtual Library Link Yourself to GVL

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If you have an Internet server (www, ftp, gopher, etc.) that you think will benefit the users of GVL, you can request the addition of your link to the appropriate page of GVL.

We would like to have the following information:

In the "Description of the site," Please use a format similar to the format of the items in the page you are interested in. The addition you request will take place much faster if you also include the html coding (it can be copied from the GVL web page "source" itself).

There is a nominal contribution expected from the commercial users of this service. Please see how you can take advantage of the most popular geotechnical Web site in the world reading the conditions of GVL-EJGE-GEM usage More information can be requested from: info@ejge.net

e-Mail your complaints, suggestions, corrections, and praise to: