More pictures...

These picture were taken in 1992-94.

With my two kids. (68k)

There are beautiful places on this planet--
Boat ride with Alan, SW Turkey

And there are beautiful daughters--
Susan at Grand Canyon

You can see Alan's home page or websitegarage and mach2media sites for Susan's web work. She currently works at Google.

I enjoy Classical Music and my favorite works are the immortal Ludwig's symphonies.

My favorite Star Trek Captain so far is Janeway

I think I'm a typical engineer

We have the reddest clay in the world. Yes, it is CH (The pond in the picture shown here did not require any lining).

If you look carefully you'll see our red clay in this picture (if you can't see it click on it to get a bigger version)

Here is a more romantic view of theta pond (73k)

And for those with fast connnections, here's a larger version thereof. (259k).

Posted: 9/6/96

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