A Tribute to the Volunteers—

Contributors and Members of W3G

Thousands and thousands of files were recently (summer 2002) transferred from the old Geotech to the new EJGE Web servers, something which made me realize how much work has gone into this Web work over the last seven years. It has also made me remember those individuals who have made this such a meaningful and useful place, the geotechnical website of the world. This is a brief account of those contributors, recorded here to give credit where it is due. I am thanking them here on behalf of you, all the geotechs of the world.

Creative Assistants

The following two geotechnical engineers have made very important contributions to W3G; instead of listing their names in every category below, they are listed here making up this special category. Thank you ladies!

By the way, both of them started out as geologists—something that we see very often—why? My theory is that girls are attracted to rocks, especially pretty stones; later they discover geotechnical engineers, who are slightly better company than rocks :). At any rate, we are very grateful for their contributions. Thank you Debra. Thank you Jennifer!

GVL editors

Many individuals have made contributions updating the GVL pages; but some have gone even further—introducing new pages/areas, such as these individuals. Thank you all!

iGEM writers

These have contributed by writing, or by providing information for, special features in iGEM. Thank you guys!

EJGE Advisory Board

These are those distinguished geotechnical engineers who have lent their names early on as supporters of EJGE and acted as advisors in general. Thank you!

EJGE Editorial Board

These are those geotechnical engineers who have lent their names as supporters of EJGE and taking an active role as editors (evaluating the papers submitted). Thank you all!

EJGE authors

These are those selfless individuals who have spent their time and energy to prepare a presentation of their recent work on improving the geotechnical engineering science and technology for the benefit of the rest of us. Our hats are off to you all, thank you!

GML Project contributors

GML project has been realized with the contribution of these geotechnical engineers with computer skills. Thank you!

Self-appointed Advisors and Morale Supporters

Last but not least, a large number of people around the world have sent in their thanks, criticisms, and ideas. Here is the first two dozen of them. Thank you for your morale support--you've made it all worthwhile.

Interns/Young Volunteers

In all of W3G activities, but especially EJGE, we receive valuable help from interns and other freelance volunteers. Thank you all so much!

EJGE Subscribers/W3G Members

Almost from day one, we have kept a subscription form page. Using this page, those visitors who thought EJGE was a great idea and this was a great website, would enter their names, and minimal other information about themselves, to register as subscribers. It was told that the main purpose of this was to register your support of this activity on the Web. Literally thousands of people have joined in.

Thank you all for your support and great contributions!

Mete Oner
September 2002