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Marsian dirt


Paul Mayne


From:   Paul Mayne 
Date:   Tuesday, February 03, 2004 07:32AM 
Subject:   Re: Red Dirt & Stones

Hi Fellow Geotechs:

Well, over the past 2 weeks, we have seen some amazing pictures in the news taken 
by the $820 Million NASA efforts to Mars using the "Spirit" and "Opportunity".  
Thus I should like to take this Opportunity to share with you some unbelievable 
findings of Red Dirt & Stones found here - Right on our own planet!!!  See below. 
This is a fantastic discovery. This is also a good time to recall the two failed 
missions to Mars in October & November 1999 where the two space vehicles crashed 
because Lockhead had provided the thrust design in "pounds" and the Jet Propulsion 
Lab assumed the thrusts were in units of "newtons."(*) Oh well, what is another $285 
million when you are seeking the fundamental study of rocks and dust.  Hopefully, 
someday, similar funds will be awarded to geotechs to study these types of 
particles on the far-distant pLaNeT EaRtH. 

Yours truly 


(*) I knew it was a French conspiracy (Ed.)

Here is the photograph:

Hawaii, USA—Photograph by Paul Mayne, 2004


Editor's Comments:

Notice the green vegetation covering the hill sides in the photograph. Do we have that (life, that is) on Mars?--that is the billion dollar question.

Of course, when Americans say we're looking for life on Mars, the French people are hoping to find something like this (the Wardrobe Malfunction photo deleted).


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