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Earth Tones

by Mete Oner

Earth Tones are colors that are found on and just above the ground. Brown, and its variants; darker, as in chocolate, lighter as in skin colors. Let us take a look at these colors with examples, and admire them.

Chocolate is made in the most delicious earth tone:

Havasu is a native American region, painted in earth tones, in Arizona, USA:

Colorado a state in the USA, named after its great colors, shows us its earth tones:

Grand Canyon is a huge valley preserved by the US government for everyone to enjoy; it is full of natural geological phenomena and creations---everything made in great earth tones:

Gucci bags also make use of earth tones, sometimes, as in this example.

Maps look good in earth tones, as in this example of California map:

San Francisco Ballet website makes good use of a perfectly matching set of earth tones:

UN General Assembly hall is set up in magnificent earth tones:

Cinarli Cami (mosque) in Ayvalik, Turkey is a fine example of serenity provided by earth tones:

Foliage given to us for romantic walks in the park, as in this example from Vermont, USA:

Sand, used as the foundation soil in this example, of course, has its own pleasant earth tone:

Human being, last but not least, designed by God himself, presents a grand color scheme of earth tones: