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Volume 8, 2003 — Bundle D

Paper available! Load-Deflection Response of Laterally Loaded Single
Pile by Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

    Dilip K. Maharaj

Paper available! Parameters and Considerations in Soft Ground Tunneling

    Wooi L. Tan and Pathegama G. Ranjith

Paper available! Horizontal Impedance of a Circular Foundation
Resting on Layered Soil

    Pradip K. Pradhan, Dilip K. Baidya, and Deba P. Ghosh

Paper available! Footing-Induced Soil Pressure around Box Culverts

    Mien Jao, Faisal Ahmed, Huzefa M. Nulwala,
    and Mian C. Wang

Paper available! Physical and Engineering Properties of a Cement Stabilized Soft Soil Treated with Acrylic Resin Additive

    Costas A. Anagnostopoulos and Evangelos I. Stavridakis

Paper available! A Web-based Data Format for Ground Investigation Data

    David Geoffrey Toll and Robert Shields

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