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Volume 9, 2004 — Bundle F

Paper available! Mineralogical Characterization of Stabilized Soils

    Teresa L. Lara, J. B. H. Zaragoza, and C. López-Cajun

Paper available! Correlations for Quick Prediction of Swell Pressures

    Yusuf Erzin and Orhan Erol

Paper available! Hydrogeology of the Bay of Bengal Coast of India with a Special emphasis on Saline Water Intrusion

    A.K. Bhattacharya, S. Basak, P. Maity, L.K. Paira, Sankar Sarkar and S.C. Maji

Paper available! Floor Bearing Characteristics of Jointed and Layered Rock Foundation

    Dheeraj Kumar

Paper available! Selection of Core Material for an Earth Dam in the Lower Çekerek Basin, Tokat, Turkey

    Işık Yılmaz and Yusuf Erzin

Paper available! On the Reliability of SPT-N as an Indication of Consistency of Clayey Soils

    Işık Yılmaz and Yusuf Erzin

9F Volume 10 [2005] Bundle A


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