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Volume 10 [2005] Bundle A of the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering includes the following papers.
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Volume 10, 2005 — Bundle A

Paper available! Construction and Full-Scale Testing of Precast Concrete Piles made with Coal Combustion Products

    Sanjeev Kumar

Paper available! Presentation and Assessment of Clay Influence on Engineering Parameters of Cement-Treated Clayey Mixtures

    Evangelos Stavridakis

Paper available! Variational Slope Stability Analysis of Materials with Nonlinear Failure Criterion

    Rafael Baker

Paper available! Geotechnical Evaluation of a Spillway Failure due to Peculiar Design of the Structure

    Farhat Javed and Asghar Naseem

Paper available! Improvement of Dam Foundation Using Grouting Intensity Number (GIN) Technique at Tannur Dam site, South Jordan

    Mustafa Al Kuisi, Ali Elnaqa, and Fathi Shaqour

Paper available! Prediction of Coefficient of Lateral Earth Pressure Using Artificial Neural Networks

    Sarat Kumar Das and Prabir Kumar Basudhar

Paper available! Determining the Geotechnical Parameters of Stabilized Soils by Stone Column Based on SPT Results

    Ali Zomorodian and Abolfazle Eslami

Paper available! Slope Stability Analysis Using Genetic Algorithm

    Sarat Kumar Das

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