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This issue of the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering includes the following bundle of papers. Other papers will be added to this bundle. There are many candidate papers that are being reviewed. Those that are accepted for publication, but are still being edited are not marked by a red arrowhead; only abstracts are available for those papers.

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Table of Contents

Volume 11, 2006 — Bundle D

Paper available! Buckling Capacity of Concrete Piles in Sand

    Senthil Kumar, T. Sivasamy, and P. Parameswaran

Paper available! Numerical Study of Rockfalls on Covered Galleries by the Discrete Element Method

    Wen-Ji Shiu, Frédéric Victor Donzé, and Sophie-Adélaďde Magnier

Paper available! Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Latritic Soil with Blast Furnace Slag

    Kolawole J. Osinubi and Adrian O. Eberemu

Paper available! Prediction of the Stress-Strain Curve of Sand Under the Effect of Pore Water Pressure

    Awad Ali Al-Karni

The following papers will appear in the next issue (2007-A)

Paper available! Geo-Engineering Data: Representation and Standardisation

    David Toll

Paper available! Seismic Behavior of Gravel Drains and Compacted Sand Piles using Physical and Numerical Models

    Abouzar Sadrekarimi

Paper available! Analysis of Drilled, Cast In-Situ Single Piles in Axial Loading

    Joshua R. Omer

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