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Volume 12, 2007 — Bundle E

Paper available! Economics of Stabilizing Bentonite Soil with Lime-Gypsum

    N. K. Ameta, D.G.M. Purohit, A. S. Wayal, and Dangda Sandeep

Paper available! Experimental Study on Dynamic Elastic Modulus of Unsaturated Silty Clay

    Meng Wang, Qing Yang, and Mao-tian Luan

Paper available! Prediction of Liquefaction Potential in Soils Using Artificial Neural Network Method

    S. Sadjad Hosseini Khozaghi and Asskar Janalizadeh Choobbasti

Paper available! Factor of Safety of a Slope Subjected to Seismic Load

    Agrahara Krishnamoorthy

Paper available! Uniaxial Compressive Strength Of Composite Rock Material With Respect To Shale Thickness Ratio And Moisture Content

    Zainab Mohamed, Kamaruzaman Mohamed, and Cho, Gye Chun

Paper available! Effect of Soil Confinement on Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Square Footing Under Eccentric–Inclined Load

    Vinod Kumar Singh, Arun Prasad, and R. K. Agrawal

Paper available! A New Approach for the Electrical Resistance of Compacted Soils

    Ali Fırat Çabalar

Paper available! The Impact of Underground Tunnel Excavation on Adjacent Buildings During Earthquake; Case Study: Shiraz Underground, Iran

    M. Azadi and S.M. Mir Mohammad Hosseini

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