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Geotechnical Engineering:
The technology we invent and constantly expand and improve
to make the Earth a better place.

Here is the original narrow definition of geotechnical engineering.


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Earth Tones

Proof that All Numbers are Created Equal

Real Photographs for Geotechs

Deepest Borehole Ever Drilled!

Life on Mars

The Factor of Two

"Cohesive Soil": A Dangerous Oxymoron

Landslide in Sweden

A Geotechnical Disaster

Short and Sweet

Top Ten Geotechnical Websites
Geotechnical Conferences and other Meetings

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Geotechnical Engineering Book Reviews

Geotechnical Software


Geotechnical Hall of Fame

    Karl Terzaghi's "Home Page" and other great geotechs have home pages in the Hall of Fame corner of the Magazine.

Geotechnical Jobs

    Open Positions
    Notices of available Geotechnical positions are posted here.

Geotechnical Reference Corner

Soil Testing Services and Equipment Suppliers

The Future of Geotechnical Engineering

To be discussed in this area:

  • What’s good and should be preserved?
  • How to preserve the good features?
  • What needs to be abandoned?
  • What needs to be replaced?
  • What is cooking and how to be prepared?

This is a new corner
started March 2002.
At times it may be controversial,
But it is always be exciting.

See the future here.


Portrait of a
Geotechnical Engineer



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