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  • EBA Engineering Consultants  
      EBA provides geotechnical, geophysical, environmental and permafrost engineering services in arctic and subarctic regions for designs of foundations, dams, pipelines and earthwork infrastructures.
      Webmaster: Randy Hislop
  • Eco Grouting Specialists Ltd.
      73 Credit Road, Cheltenham, Ontario L0P 1C0 Canada
      (905) 838-0150
      A professional engineering and consulting firm specializing in grouting solutions for civil, geotechnical, and environmental engineering, worldwide.
      Alex Naudts, General Manager. WebMaster: Marcelo Chuaqui
      Contact: e-Mail ECO
  • EDP Consultants, Inc.
      9375 Chillicothe Road, Kirtland, Ohio 44094-8501
      (440) 256-6500, Fax (440) 256-6507
      Geotechnical, environmental and wetland consulting services. Forensic studies, construction monitoring, hydrogeology, geotechnical and environmental drilling, testing and instrumentation, complete soil and materials laboratory, ground penetrating radar. Contact: EDP via e-mail
  • ELC Group Ltd.
      Altin Ekin Sok. No.7A/7, 34337 Etiler, Istanbul, Turkey
      (90) 212 265-5791, Fax (90) 212 257-5120
      Comprehensive geotechnical and geoenvironmental investigation, testing, design, consulting, and construction company.
      Contact: ELC via e-mail
  • Eustis Engineering Co.
      3011 28th Street Metairie, LA 70002 (ph) 504.834.0157 X3107 (fx) 504.834.0354
      Employed by architects, engineers, environmentalists, industry, public and governmental agencies, owners, and developers to produce geotechnical reports for landmarks such as the New Orleans Superdome, bridges and a majority of the industrial plants along to Mississippi River Corridor
      Contact: Chris L. Saucier, P.E.
  • Fargo Consultants, Inc.
      2324 Fabens Road, Dallas, TX 75229
      Phone: 214-352-4100 Fax: 214-352-4811
      Environmental Site Assessment, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing, Drilling and Coring Services
      Contact: e-mail
  • French & Parello Associates
      670 N. Beers Street, Bldg. #3, Holmdel, New Jersey 07733
      908-888-7700 Fax: 908-888-7622
      Geotechnical Division provides general geotechnical engineering services. James B Heller, PE, Director of Geotechnical Services
      Contact: WebMaster
  • Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott, and May
      Lexington, Louisville, KY; Cincinnati, OH; and Columbus, OH
      Geotechnical, environmental, waste management, water resources, and mining engineering services.
      Contact: contact information provided here
  • GEI Consultants - Geotechnical
  • GCI, Geotechnical Consultants, Inc.
      Consulting geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.
      Contact: GCI by email
  • GEOCOMP Corporation
      1145 Massachusetts Avenue, Boxborough, MA 01719 U.S.A. (978) 635-0012 Fax (978) 635-0266
      Automated Laboratory Testing, Field Instrumentation, Geotechnical Consulting and Expert Witness services since 1982.
      Contact: info here
  • GeoDesign Incorporated
      Offices in Connecticut, Vermont and New York
      GeoDesign is a geotechnical, geostructural and geoenvironmental engineering services firm, offering practical and creative approaches to engineering, resulting in achievable project solutions.
      Contact: info here
  • GEOFEM - Geotechnical Analysis
      Geotechnical finite element analysis consultants offering advanced 2D and 3D analysis solutions in soil mechanics and geotechnics
      Contact: contact Andrew Lees
  • GeoSoils Inc.
      San Diego, Orange County, Murietta, and Palm Desert, CA offices
      (800) 940-8811
      Geotechnical, geologic, coastal, environmental services, including laboratory services
      Contact: contact info here
  • GeoSolutions, Inc.
      Phone: 724-335-7273 Fax: 724-335-7271
      Specialty Underground Construction Firm Offering Slurry Wall, Soil Mixing, and Jet Grouting Solutions.
      Contact: Detailed info here
  • GeoSystems Engineering, Inc.
      Phone: (913) 962-0909 Fax: (913) 962-0924
      Provides Geotechnical and Construction Services to Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Offices and labs in these states. See their Drills and Thrills-- it's fun!
      Contact: Scott T. Anderson
  • Geotech Instruments
      10755 Sanden Drive, Dallas, TX 75238-1366
      Geotechnical instruments. Dallas, TX, USA (used to be Teledyne Brown Engineering)
      @ Tom Trosper [tom.trosper@pobox.tbe.com]
      Contact: Frank Kissinger
  • Geotechnical Services, Inc.
      Consulting geotechnical and environmental engineering, construction material testing and contract drilling.
      Webmaster: Linda Absy
  • Geotechnology, Inc.
      (314) 997-7440
      Geotechnology, Inc, 2258 Grissom Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63146
      A professional corporation offering a comprehensive range of consulting services in applied earth and environmental sciences, geotechnical engineering, materials testing, geophysics, drilling, and construction observation.
      Contact: by e-Mail
  • GeoTesting Express
      1145 Massachusetts Avenue, Boxborough, MA 01719 (978) 635-0424 Fax: (978) 635-0266
      Provides mechanical, physical and chemical properties testing services for soils, rocks, geosynthetics and other geomaterials to the geosynthetic and geotechnical construction industries across the United States and throughout the world.
      Contact: Gary Torosian
  • Geo-Test, Inc.
      (505) 857-0933
      Consulting geotechnical engineering, construction materials engineering and testing, environmental services, and contract drilling services.
      Webmaster: Charles Miller
  • Gallet and Associates
      320 Beacon Parkway West, Birmingham, Alabama 35209
      (205) 942-1289 FAX: (205) 942-1266
      We provide high quality geotechnical, environmental, hazardous waste management and construction quality control services to commercial developers, industrial and governmental clients nationally.
      Contact: Nabil Hmeidi
  • GEOCONSULT Consulting Engineers
      Sterneckstrasse 52, A-5020 Salzburg, Austria
      Railway tunnels; road tunnels; subway systems; caverns; underground car parks; shelters and underground storages; mining exploitation; geotechnical measurments; slope stabilization; foundations and retaining structures
      Contact: Norbert Porsche-Ully GEOCONSULT
  • Geolith
      396 Civic Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523, (925)682-7601
      Geolith Consultants provides a full range of consulting services in civil, structural, geotechnical, seismologic and hydrologic engineering. Geolith Consultants has state-of-the-art technologies for stabilizing difficult earth failures and making emergency repairs. We are experts in the geology and history of the greater San Francisco Bay area.
      Contact: webmaster
  • Geo-Solutions Inc
      Pittsburgh (Headquarters): 724-335-7273 Denver: 720-283-0505
      Specialty Underground Construction Firm Offering Slurry Wall, Soil Mixing, and Jet Grouting Solutions.
      Contact: detailed info here
  • GeoScience Engineers, LLC
      A full-service geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering firm. GeoScience specializes in goetechnical investigations, geoenvironmental engineering for waste containment facilities, construction monitoring for waste containment facilities and geoenvironmental remedial investigations
      Contact: Gene Wardlaw
  • Golder Associates
      Golder is an international group of companies provides science and engineering consulting services in support of environmental, industrial, natural resources, health and civil/geotechnical engineering projects. Golder Associates operates out of more than 84 offices throughout the world and employs over 2,400 professionals. Three-quarters of those employed have advanced degrees in engineering or science. Golder Associates has completed projects in more than 140 countries.
      Contact: solutions@golder.com
  • Gouda-Geo Equipment
      Gouda-Geo supplies specialized equipment for soil investigation, such as CPT, SPT and DPT equipment, geotechnical software and books, secondhand rigs, filter tubes, etc. Full service internet shop with online manuals and geotechnical agenda.
      Contact: Erik Omtzigt (Sales Manager)
  • Gradient Engineers
      17781 Cowan, Irvine, California 92614
      Environmentasl consultants and engineers, associated with Leighton, and Teratest Labs
      Contact: GTG
  • Gregg In-Situ, Inc.
      Brian Savela, Operations Manager
      (562) 427-6899 Fax: (562) 424-2329
  • Gridpoint Finland
      Tekniikantie 12 FIN-02150 ESPOO Finland. +358-9-4354 2085 Fax. +358-9-455 4794
      Numerical modeling and rock mechanical design. Numerical analyses and consulsulting for nuclear waste isolation, civil engineering projects, mining engineering, structures.
      Webmaster: Petteri Somervuori
  • GZA
      GZA's varied geotechnical engineering services include soil and foundation engineering, marine engineering, bridge and highway engineering, site engineering, planning and development, engineering geology, lateral earth support systems, rock engineering, and construction observation and testing. GZA is also nationally recognized for its expertise in environmental engineering and remediation services.
      Contact: John Ayres, Executive Vice-President
  • Harding Lawson Associates
      Office address and phone numbers are here
      founded in 1957 by Richard S. Harding as a Geotechnical Engineering Firm. HLA has grown over the years to become well respected nationwide, as well as internationally as a full-service environmental engineering and consulting company with a staff of over 1000.
  • Hayward Baker Company
      Part of Keller Group
      Corporate Office:
      13065 40th Street North, Clearwater, Florida 33762-4219
      Contact: Nigel Osborn, President
      727-572-7740 fax: 727-571-1393
  • Honnum
      Corporate Office:
      Grensasvegur 1-108 Reykjavik, Iceland
      We have helped construct some of Iceland's largest and most important structures, ranging from aluminum smelters, hydropower plants, geothermal plants and fish processing plants to dams, tunnels and spillways. We have also been extensively involved in the design, planning and building of the nation's infrastructure, including power transmission lines and structures, roads, bridges, harbors, port facilities, and a host of other structures both public and private.
      Contact: e-mail
      Phone (354) 510 4000 Fax (354) 510 4001
  • HWA GeoSciences Inc.
      19730 64th Avenue West, Suite 200, Lynnwood, WA 98036
      425-774-0106 fax 425-774-2714
      Since 1978, HWA GeoSciences Inc. has provided a wide range of earth and ground water related services to clients in the Northwest. Over the years, HWA has evolved from a small testing laboratory into a select group of highly experienced scientists and engineers.
      Webmaster: e-Mail the Webmaster

  • Other Geotech Companies and Consultants
      This page contains brief information submitted to this server on companies and consultants doing geotechnical engineering work and who do not yet have a web service, or just starting..

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