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The journal encourages articles from both academic and industrial domains. In general the journal is open to quality articles from any area of Geotechnical Engineering.

Please see Scope and Call for Papers for further information.


Use e-mail for notifying the editors of the intent of submission of a paper in English at the following e-mail address: ejge dot editor at gmail dot com

The authors should be prepared to use means of electronic transfer of text, image files, sound files, movies etc. that make up a paper. Authors will typically either "attach" the document to an email message or post, on a server they have access to, for the ejge Editorial Office to download. Papers may also be submitted on floppy disk (PC/compatible) along with image files etc. and mailed to:

Dr. Oner
Editor, EJGE
2111 N. Burdick Street
Stillwater, OK 74075, USA

Papers in any area of the Geotechnical Engineering will be considered. Engineers from academia and industry are welcome to submit articles for review. All submissions will be kept confidential. Manuscripts in HTML format will be considered, just as the original word-processing document in Microsoft Word or Wordperfect file formats. In all cases, the authors should make sure that all the "art" (i.e. graphics) be included.


The Editorial process is a detailed work by many individuals, but it is completed surprisingly fast, thanks to modern electronic communication. Manuscripts are selected for publication in The EJGE based on editorial assessment of their suitability and the reports from reviewers. Articles which satisfy editorial criteria will be sent to three reviewers who have agreed to assess the article quickly. Contributors may suggest reviewers; requests for the exclusion of specific reviewers is also acceptable.


One of the advantages of electronic publishing is not printing on paper with ink. In the old method, thousands of copies of a books and newspapers are printed; this is not only a waste of resources, it is also harmful to our environment: Start with ink. Ink is a poisonous substance. Only a few copies of articles need to be printed, actually. But we print thousands of copies; then we have to use more resources to transport them physically to the readers.


The authors submitting a manuscript for possible publication need to remit a small fee to cover the expenses of the process partially. The fee will be due upon receipt of an Invoice sent by EJGE. If a paper is not accepted for publication, this will not happen. The current amount and the methods available to accomplish this are described at Payments page.


Copyright of all articles published in the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering will be held by the publisher, EJGE, as is customary in conventional journals. See the Copyright Transfer Document. Authors wishing to expedite the process should fill out and e-mail this together with their manuscripts; it will be valid if the paper is accepted for publication, and discarded if the paper is rejected.


Manuscripts can be modified after submission and before publication. This is completely free. But, once the paper is edited, formatted, file conversions and uploading to done, and the paper is listed in the Table of Contents, the process is over, and the Invoice has to be paid.
Once this point is reached, no further editing can be done before the payment of the Invoice. If the document is modified and re-submitted it will be considered as a withdrawal, and the paper is immediately dropped.


Please see the Instructions for Manuscript Preparation

The authors may want to see the actual Reviewer Guide given to the paper reviewers.

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