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The most comprehensive library of Internet resources about Geotechnical Engineering, including WWW, Gopher, and FTP servers, and newsgroups. The library offers not only a cataloging service but also provides a mirror site for the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, EJGE, and the Internet Geotechnical Engineering Magazine iGEM.
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    GVL started in Summer 1995. In its first year it attracted half a million "hits."
    Then W3G was formed to publish EJGE and iGEM; GVL is now back to its origins, as a comprehensive link catalog. GVL is made up of a number of web pages for various categories, such as universities, companies, etc.
    Update [Jan. 97] The above note was posted in October 1996. Since then the geotech web site has attracted another half a million hits.
    Update #2 [July 1997] The above update is now obsolete-- GVL is now 3 years old and a hit count is 1.5 millon!
    Update #3 [Jan. 1998] The above updates are all obsolete-- GVL is now mature and the hit count has passed two millons!
    Update #4 [Oct. 1998] The hit count is now more than half a million per month...
    Update #5 [Aug. 2004] Since you asked... Monthly hit count is now 4.2 million.

Geotechnical Web Sites Catalog

University Geotechnical Engineering Servers

Geotechnical Goods and Services

Other Internet Resources on Geotechnical Engineering

EJGE the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering

    Geotechnical Engineers are among the leaders on the Web!
    The EJGE, the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, is a peer reviewed scientific/engineering journal-- first of its kind in a major branch of Civil/Environmental Engineering!
    The EJGE has started publication on the anniversary of Terzaghi's birthday (October 2) in 1996! It started with just four papers on its first day; only one month later, it had eight papers posted, many more on their way.

iGEM - The Internet Geotechnical Engineering Magazine

    Started as the Magazine Room of the EJGE, the iGEM is now a publication of its own right. iGEM is packed with useful information and services for the Geotechnical Engineer. Former GVL pages on Jobs, Book Reviews, articles and features such as Terzaghi's Home Page, Quotes, Computer Names, Opinionated Geotechs are all here. Software area is being expanded, and new services are being planned to this section.

A Matter of Style

    The official font of GVL and the EJGE is Microsoft's Verdana, which has been specifically designed for Web pages. The EJGE logo that appears on each paper is based on Verdana, and most of the labeling in these web pages are based on the assumption that you have obtained a free copy of Verdana from Microsoft. If you haven't done that yet, Go get a copy!

    The WWW Virtual Library was a project of WWW Consortium, initiated by Tim Berners-Lee, himself, the inventor of the World Wide Web, and the Director of W3C.